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13th Annual AusCERT Information Security Conference: 12th - 16th May 2014

AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge

Attention AusCERT2014 attendees! The law enforcement community of Australia and New Zealand invites you to participate in the AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge.

The annual AusCERT conference is the premier information security event in Australia, attracting leading national and international InfoSec gurus. Prove how crafty you are and test your encryption skills by entering the AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge.

You will be presented with a challenging real-world scenario that Australian police have solved. The challenge you will be given involves a crook, data and encryption. If the police can solve it, it should be simple, right?

To make it interesting, the inaugural challenge will be a contest of speed as well as accuracy. The winner will be the fastest team or person to crack the case and submit a correct answer. Bonus points will be awarded for solving the problem faster than the police did.

The winner will receive a bona fide certificate presented by police Technology Crime officers on stage at AusCERT2014 on Wednesday 14th May.

Whilst this challenge is issued in the spirit of endeavour, learning and fun, it does have a serious side. The criminal community has been an enthusiastic early adopter of technology, using it to commit crime, support their operations and obstruct law enforcement. Technology gives criminals the ability to extend their reach and protect themselves as they prey upon everyday people.

Participating in the AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge is a way to assist law enforcement to combat e-Crime in Australia and New Zealand. The problems presented to you will be real, and solving them will help to protect the community and solve crime.

The AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge Package will be available to download from Monday 28th April 2014.  Challengers will have until Thursday 8th May 2014 to work their magic.  The downloadable package will contain all necessary data and information.

Conditions and rules of entry:

  • Entrants must be registered for AusCERT2014 to participate and must be present on Wednesday 14th May at AusCERT2014.
  • Law enforcement and affiliated agencies may not enter.
  • A list of all participants may be published with the results.
  • There will be no grading or rating of participants beyond the winner.
  • Entrants agree that police representatives may later contact them to discuss methods and techniques used.


For more information about the AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge, please contact: technology.crime@police.wa.gov.au.

Download the challenge below from 9am AEST 28th April 2014. Entries must be submitted to technology.crime@police.wa.gov.au Entries close Thursday 8th May 2014. Good luck!


There are 3 files in the ‘pack’ to download.

1) The instructions and scenario:

AusCERT2014 Law Enforcement Challenge - Instructions and scoring.docx

2) The evidence file:


3) MD5 sum of the evidence file: