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AusCERT2015 Speed Debate

The traditional closing event of the AusCERT conference, the Speed Debate, will be hosted by MC Jazz Twemlow on Friday 5th June. Putting a light-hearted spin on serious topics to end the conference; the Speed Debate is always an event not to be missed!

Speed Debate Host

Jazz Twemlow

The combined beard, comedian and dishevelled twitter curmudgeon known as Jazz is the host for the AusCERT2015 Speed Debate. Jazz is politically disgruntled, highly caffeinated, a huge fan of William Blake, a logical fanatic, and a fan of sensory deprivation tanks and Xbox RPGs. In other words, he fits right in at AusCERT2015.


Meet the Panellists

Bernard Keane

Bernard Keane simultaneously functions as a grumpy old man on twitter and Crikey’s political editor. He’s the author of The War on The Internet, and with Helen Razer co-authored A Short History of Stupid, referred to by stupid people as “The Really Long And Difficult to Read History of Stupid”.



David Jorm

David has has been in the security industry for 15 years during which he’s worked for Red Hat’s security team and written the core aviation meteorology system for the southern hemisphere. If that’s all a bit too impressive, he also led a Chinese startup that failed miserably to balance things out.



Eva Galperin

If you’re a nation that’s using state-sponsored malware, then you should probably defriend Eva on Facebook (which you’ve probably banned anyway) immediately. Her work with the Electronic Frontier Foundation focuses on privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world, as exemplified by EFF’s Tor Relay Challenge and her published research on malware in Syria and Vietnam.


Jim Cheetham

Jim Cheetham started working in IT when you still had to carry mobile phones in a suitcase, specialising in networking and Unix technologies. He currently works for the University of Otago in its Information Security Office, and is involved in the OneRNG project, developing an Open Hardware crypto and security device. If you've ever wanted to crowdfund a Bond gadget, this is your chance.


Justin Steven

Justin works as a Product Security Incident Response analyst for a company in vendor-land. He enjoys long walks on the beach, beer, whiskey, computer hacking and popping shells.




Laura Bell

Laura is the founder and lead consultant at SafeStack, and specialises in bringing security practices and culture into organisations of every shape and size. At AusCERT2015, she’s tackling the issue of how our moods make us unpredictable and therefore a security threat, so for goodness sakes cheer up otherwise you're endangering us all!


Marco Ostini

Marco is into Free and Open Source Software, information security, aerospace and space science. He recently combined some of these interests and gave a talk in New Zealand telling Open Source zealots what they're doing wrong from an information security angle. Not very subtle, but at least he wasn't ranting at them about Australia needing a Space Agency.


Steven Wilson

Steve has worked on identity and privacy for over twenty years and is now Vice President at San Francisco-based Constellation Research. He holds Principal Consultant roles with Security Domain, KPMG, PwC, and SecureNet. The latter was recently voted no.1 in a poll of "Companies most likely to be the arch-nemesis of SkyNet when the war against the machines kicks off."



Stil is a prolific media presence on all things geek (ZDNet, Crikey, Technology Spectator, amongst others), with a particular interest in how communication technologies are changing the way we work, play, socialise and organise our world. He also knows how to set a rabbit trap, so if you're a lagomorph with cybercriminal intentions, Stilgherrian is literally your worst enemy.


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