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Bradley Schatz

Dr Bradley Schatz is the director of the independent digital forensics consultancy Schatz Forensic. Since the completion of a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Digital forensics in 2007, his principal role has been as a practitioner of digital forensics in private practice, where he has served primarily legal clients in both civil and criminal matters. His evidence has been accepted as expert opinion in a range of courts within Australia. In 2008, Dr Schatz was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor at QUT, where he occasionally lectures & supervises doctoral students. Dr Schatz has remained an active researcher contributing to advancing the field, and has published 15 peer reviewed academic papers and two book chapters all in the area of digital forensics.

Presentation Title
Accelerating your forensic & incident response workflow: the case for a new standard in forensic imaging

Today’s forensic processes are mired by practices carried over from a pre-networked world; with inexpensive and exotic storage, mobile devices, and cloud computing compounding the delays between incident notification and meaningful analysis. Practitioners and responders are faced with the unsatisfactory choice of either forensically preserving only a limited amount of evidence while accepting the risk of missing relevant information (triage), or delaying analysis while waiting for full forensic preservation. This seminar will examine the role of existing forensic imaging formats in creating such an environment, and examine how an improved forensic image format (the AFF4 forensic container format) enables practitioners to perform forensic analysis without the delays imposed by current approaches. Finally, the seminar will provide practical advice on adopting such a new approach, defending questions around forensic soundness, and optimising forensic workflow both in the field and in the lab. 


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