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Chris Horsley

Chris Horsley has long been involved in the international CSIRT community, with over six years of experience working in national CSIRTs, almost five years of experience consulting to CSIRTs, and five years experience as a software developer and sysadmin prior to that. Chris has worked as an incident responder for AusCERT as well as JPCERT/CC, the Japanese national CSIRT. Since then, he has been working with a range of national CSIRTs and organisational CSIRTs in the banking and resources sectors on improving their operations and tooling.  Chris has presented at various international security conferences, and has given CSIRT training courses for government and national CSIRTs in Peru, Chile, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Montenegro.

Twitter: @Parsify

Presentation Title
Maturing your security team: haste makes waste

We are often told by vendors that we need the latest and greatest technology to better protect our organizations - but do we really? Are our security teams / CSIRTs / SOCs actually prepared to use that new technology to its best effect? We find the answer is often: “no”. Many organizations gloss over the basics, and try to integrate the latest cutting edge technology and techniques before they have the skills and processes in place to handle them. 

This talk proposes methods that you can use to work out when you are really ready for the Next Big Thing in your security team, and provides you with a roadmap to help guide you on your journey.

We will address:

* Where does your team sit on the maturity spectrum?
* What does a good improvement roadmap include?
* How do you know your organization is ready to use:
* Large scale data feeds
* Threat Intel
* Big Data
* Machine learning
* What basics do you need to get right, and in what order?


Conference Highlights

New Venue
Don't miss the best cyber security conference in Australia at the Surfers Paradise Marriott, only 150 m from Surfers Paradise beach

Conference MC
Comedian and Mathematician Adam Spencer will host the conference, Gala Dinner and Speed Debate

Career Café
Retreat to the back of the exhibition away from the noise for a real coffee at the AusCERT2016 Career Café and chat with specialist Infosec recruiters