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Darren Kitchen

Darren Kitchen is the founder of Hak5, an Internet television show inspiring hackers and IT pros since 2005. Breaking out of the 1990s phone phreak scene, Darren has continued to foster his passion for information security throughout his career as a systems administrator, presenter and creator of best selling penetration testing tools.

Twitter: @hak5darren

Presentation Title
The Curse of Convenience: How Plug and Play became Plug and Pwned

In a culture of convenience, can a balance be struck between the need for simplicity and security?  What happens when the basic man-machine trust is violated As a security researcher and developer of renowned penetration testing equipment, these questions are at the core of my attack tool arsenal. Moreover, they're the key to the future of privacy-protecting technologies.

Part social, part technical - we'll explore the inherent vulnerabilities exploited by a number of Hak5 developed tools with funny names like Pineapple, Turtle, Monkey and Rubber Ducky and answer the questions:

How is it that user-friendly features which let Grandma setup printers came to enable air gap hopping attacks against uranium enriching centrifuges? And, how can these techniques be used to provide all of humanity with transparent end-to-end encryption?


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