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Kayne Naughton

Kayne Naughton is a technologist and security researcher with 15 years experience across the education, government and finance industries. His accomplishments include founding the Security Intelligence team at National Australia Bank and leading the Australian Internet Security Initiative, an ACMA program aimed at battling malware infections among the Australian public. Since starting Asymmetric Security (and more recently co-founding Cosive) he has provided intelligence services, security testing, consulting, and training to many of Australia’s largest companies. Kayne is also a volunteer with the Shadowserver Foundation, a US based non-profit dedicated to keeping the internet safe and is a regular speaker at security events, covering both the offensive and defensive perspectives.

Twitter: @Kxyne

Presentation Title
The Sorcerer's Apprentice: AI as an amplifier of human failings

Machine learning influences many of the most important factors in our lives – the news we see, the products we buy, the house we can afford, and the people we date. Impacts are life-altering, extending to machine learning-powered travel blacklists and algorithmic target determination of drone-based assassinations.

Despite this level of importance,  IT practitioners are often ignorant of how machine learning works. Judgements made by machine learning systems are rarely auditable or explainable, even by those who design and run them.

As “AI” both advances and becomes more complex, with a dearth of experts who understand and operate it, we are rapidly approaching an era that will enable IT people and their screw-ups to ruin lives on an unprecedented scale.

We will investigate how machine learning works and the traps for well-meaning users, explore the dangers of unethical operators or people gaming your systems, and then discuss defences against them, along with the looming potential for AI to surpass human intelligence.


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New Venue
Don't miss the best cyber security conference in Australia at the Surfers Paradise Marriott, only 150 m from Surfers Paradise beach

Conference MC
Comedian and Mathematician Adam Spencer will host the conference, Gala Dinner and Speed Debate

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Retreat to the back of the exhibition away from the noise for a real coffee at the AusCERT2016 Career Café and chat with specialist Infosec recruiters