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Neal Wise

Neal Wise is Director at Assurance Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to focusing on information security Neal worked as systems administrator for massively parallel systems from IBM, SGI and Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) USED FOR Scientific Computing purposes and enterprise service consolidation. In the late 1990s Neal moved to Australia to be a consultant and instructor for IBM’s Scalable POWERparallel supercomputing platform where he taught installation, performance turning and problem determination. Along the way Neal learned some hacky tricks that are still effective on modern High Performance Computing (HPC) system fifteen years later. Neal is frequent presenter on wireless and mobility security at industry events including several previous AusCERT Conferences.

Twitter: @y011

Presentation Title
Threat modelling in higher education

Security planning and management for higher education technology solutions requires different considerations than similar planning for enterprise technologies. 

Contributing to this is a 'composite' delivery environment comprising shared services, identity management and information assets located on-campus and as SaaS "in the cloud." Most users are mobile leveraging campus wireless solutions and various forms of remote access. 

Managing threats to this delivery environment requires informed planning. One dimension of security planning involves conducting threat modelling to validate that solution designs consider likely attack vectors. 

This presentation discusses challenges in identifying and protecting higher education information assets. 

Typical services found in a university including: 
student management 
curriculum management 
financial management 
records management 
human resources 
Advancement / Fundraising 

Are mapped against a threat model concept to permit determination of the effectiveness of control planning and to assist with control decisions. 

Assurance has written a whitepaper based on over 15 years of working in higher education security which will be released with this presentation at AusCERT.


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