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Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson has worked in digital identity and data privacy for 20 years, holding R&D leadership and Principal Consultant roles with Baltimore Technologies, KPMG, PwC and SecureNet. In 2004, Steve founded the Lockstep Group, and in 2014 he joined Constellation Research (the 2015 Independent Analyst firm of the Year) where he leads the firm's work in Digital Safety and Privacy. Steve’s research agenda includes Identity as a Service, the authentication stack, the ecology of identity, and the complex relationship between privacy and security. His current clients include Tilikum Investments, Confyrm Inc (US), the US Department of Homeland Security, the Australian Attorney Generals Department, and the Biometrics Institute (UK). Steve speaks and writes regularly on all aspects of digital identity, and has been awarded nine patents.

Twitter: @Steve_Lockstep

Presentation Title
Blockchain - The Hype Machine

No technology since the Internet itself has bewitched so many as the blockchain. Not just a "digital ledger", the blockchain is touted in the normall tech-averse business press as a "trust machine". In truth the blockchain has just one special trick: it determines the ordering of entries in the ledger without an umpire. If this is important, the value proposition is weakened by almost every modification and spin-off put forward so far. 

Blockchain’s advocates tend to overlook its one unique feature, while claiming a whole lot of things it simply doesn’t do. This presentation will debunk the blockchain, especially the myth of open source "math money", and issue some strong challenges to its proponents and their approach to security. 



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Comedian and Mathematician Adam Spencer will host the conference, Gala Dinner and Speed Debate

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