About AusCERT

AusCERT is the premier Computer Emergency Response Team for Australia and provides computer information security advice to the Australian public, its members, including the higher education sector. We are a single point of contact for dealing with computer security incidents affecting or involving Australian networks.

As a not-for-profit security group based at the University of Queensland, AusCERT helps Australian Internet users and organisations prevent, detect, respond to and mitigate cyber and Internet based attacks.

Formed in 1993, AusCERT is one of the oldest CERTs in the world and was the first CERT in Australia to operate as the national CERT, which it did until 2010.

AusCERT monitors and evaluates global computer network threats and vulnerabilities, including after hours when AusCERT staff remain on-call to respond to new information in a time critical manner. AusCERT publishes security bulletins, drawing on material from a variety of sources, with recommended prevention and mitigation strategies.

AusCERT’s incident management services can be an effective way to halt an ongoing computer attack, or provide practical advice to assist in responding to and recovering from an attack.

The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s premier learning and research institutions. UQ continues to attract the vast majority of the state’s highest academic achievers and is renowned nationally and internationally for the quality of its teaching and research. In 1998-99 it was named Australia’s University of the Year and it continues to enjoy the highest overall rating for Queensland universities in the annual Good Universities Guide.

AusCERT is self-funded and covers its operating costs through a variety of sources including member subscriptions, the annual AusCERT conference and service contracts. AusCERT is funded to operate the Australian government’s Stay Smart Online Alert Service, which is part of the government’s Stay Smart Online initiative.

Within the University, AusCERT is part of Information Technology Services (ITS) which operates the university’s network. The network is currently ranked 17th largest in Australia providing direct services to over 65,000 users. ITS also operates the University’s supercomputers and many of its largest servers and an Internet Service Provider (ISP), UQconnect, providing both retail and corporate services to a growing user base.

As an active member of the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and Asia Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (APCERT), AusCERT has access to accurate, timely and reliable information about emerging computer network threats and vulnerabilities on a regonal and global basis.

Additionally, AusCERT maintains a large network of trusted CERT contacts in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout Asia. We use these contacts to receive early warning of global threats and to assist in responding to incidents which span jurisdictions.

Further information about AusCERT services can be found here.