01:45 PM - 02:25 PM

Friday 26th May

Look who’s talking

Eric Pinkerton


Eric has been breaking things just to fix them again since before he could walk, at 20, he spent his summer evenings as a nightclub bouncer, and read tarot cards during the day. He didn’t realise it back then, but nothing could have prepared him better for a career in Infosec, trying to predict the future, whilst ducking the punches.

Eric cut his teeth as a technologist for the BBC World Service in London, where he learned the importance of ‘educate, inform and entertain’ he also developed his passion for emerging technologies with a bent for security. Arriving in Australia in 2003 he landed an operational role at Australia’s first IP Telco, and has since served hard time at Telstra, Stratsec/BAE Systems, Datacom, CSC and Finally Hivint.

Eric has presented at Cebit, AusCERT ,AISA and CrikeyCon, retains a healthy level of cynicism, is partial to aluminium millinery and blogs about privacy, security and the myth of infallibility in humans.