01:20 PM - 02:00 PM

Thursday 25th May

United We Stand – Women and Diversity in Cybersecurity Panel Discussion

Rhea Naidoo

McKinsey & Company

Rhea Naidoo is a management consultant at a top consulting firm. She is a cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure specialist, bringing distinctive and impactful best-practices and solutions to her clients. She has worked in two highly gender-exclusive fields: mechanical engineering and cybersecurity, and continues to connect with other women and men in the field and share her experiences through her long-running blog, Engineer-Chic.com.

After finishing her degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, Rhea worked in the field for a multinational mining company, designing, building and commissioning processing plants in South Africa. Her passion for technology spurned a career-change into IT infrastructure, taking her to San Francisco in 2015, where she currently lives.

She has been a long-time champion for women in technical fields and has spoken at several conferences on pertinent topics facing women in the industry. She has also been a volunteer for the mechanical engineering society ASME, leading initiatives for early-career engineers and for Engineers Without Borders as a project lead.